Friday, June 23, 2006

Democracy Fest is now less than a month away: July 14-16 at the San
Diego State University campus.

It's Education by Day, Celebration by Night as progressive grassroots
activists come together for a summer event to remember. The DemocracyFest team has put together an awesome program of information, training, and ... entertainment. All work and no play is hardly a "fest!". This year's theme is Cultivating Democracy by Rediscovering Our Roots -- Equality, Liberty, Community.

Don't miss out! Purchase your tickets now at

Panelists and speakers include DNC Chair Howard Dean, Reps. Maxine
Waters and Bob Filner, Paul Hackett, David Sirota, Brad Friedman, Col.
Ann Wright, Robert Greenwald, David Swanson and more. Just added is Al
Franken, who will broadcast his Air America program live from
DemocracyFest. You can get detailed information by visiting

Also, volunteers are needed! There are many aspects that need to come
together in organizing national event like this. Your help is welcome
and appreciated. If you have 4 or more hours to volunteer between now
and July 16th, please email Martha Sullivan at:

We look forward to seeing you at the 3rd Annual DemocracyFest!


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