Sunday, June 04, 2006

Farhood Manjoo at Salon re: the RFK, Jr. article in Rolling Stone. (Note:Salon requires a membership or a daypass)

Manjoo's article, in summary, says that Kennedy's facts and interpretation are flawed to the point where you can't say the election was "stolen". He's got some good points about how some of Kennedy's facts don't necessarily add up to "stolen" but, hmmmm...ok....but still. I don't think that addresses the bigger picture, which is that people are working overtime to manipulate the election process. That in itself is what should shock people, even if it's true that Kennedy's facts don't quite add up to his thesis. Even if you agree 100% with Manjoo, it's still pretty darn clear that Kennedy's article outlines a significant and shocking problem in our democracy. The fact that ANY political party would attempt to keep The Wrong People from voting should disgust anyone who believes in a fair and open political process.


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