Saturday, June 24, 2006

"What I find most disturbing about these stories is the fact that some of the news media take it upon themselves to disclose vital national security programs, thereby making it more difficult for us to prevent future attacks against the American people," he said. "That offends me."

You know what offends me? That he wants the media to stop reporting on what they do. That he doesn't think those little bits of paper called warrants are necessary. That he thinks we're all stupid. Do you think the bad guys are too dumb to know that they're being watched? Do you think the NY Times told them something they didn't know? No, they told us that warrants are considered quaint and obsolete by this administration. Is that ok with you? That offends me.

"They're carried out in a manner that is fully consistent with the constitutional authority of the president of the United States."

The problem with that is pretty obvious. He doesn't care one whit about what is consistant with the constitutional authority of the president.


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