Sunday, July 16, 2006

I didn't do the Demfest media training, but my understanding was that you got about 15 minutes where you would do a little short spiel about your organization or campaign in front of a video camera, and then the person doing the training would watch it with you and tell you what you do well and what needs improvement and you could keep the tape when you're done. They were just charging $10 for it. Just a quickie training session for people that work at the grassroots level who occasionally get a news camera stuck in their faces. Great idea.


On Saturday evening, what was interesting to me about watching Howard Dean was to see him relate to the crowd in a such an energetic, charismatic way. He comes across to an audience as genuine and likable. Plus, a lot of these people were Dean supporters when he ran for president, and they are nuts about him. A number of them worked directly with him in the campaign. I think I've mentioned that Democracyfest and DFA grew out of the Dean campaign. Plus the day before the DNC issued this statement about the Busby/Bilbray race and the substantial SD contingent of former Dean volunteers were very happy with him at that moment. Bonus!

Maxine Waters was there too. She said she was glad to be there with the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. har.


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