Friday, July 21, 2006

I have to give credit when credit is due to people I've criticized, so I'm here to say that I think it's very good that the governor is supporting stem cell research in CA.

He put his (ok, fine...OUR money) where his mouth is...and that's fine with me. Unfortunately at this point, Those People Who Want to Impose Their Cult-like Religion on the Rest of America are blocking research by way of litigation. They lost the first round but appealed, and no bonds can be sold until the litigation is settled. So they're dragggggging it out and we're footing the bill for lawyers right now instead of doing research.

That doesn't mean I've forgiven him for all these insane elections we've had the last few years, including last years debacle. I don't deny there's probably some good campaign timing here for Arnold too, but that's ok. When he's right he's right.


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