Saturday, July 22, 2006

I talked to my dad on the phone this morning, and he was telling me about Bush's speech to the NAACP this past week. (See? It's genetic.) I must admit to having ignored the speech in part because I was afraid he was going to embarrass me yet again. Dad said, that Bush said one of the Republican parties mistakes was the fact that they haven't courted that black vote, or something to that effect.

Yeah, I was right. Embarrassing. It's not about courting votes. Good grief. I think that African-Americans families probably don't sit around bemoaning the fact that
the Republicans won't court their vote. If anyone is bemoaning anything, it's more likely to be about social, educational and economic issues that affect people's lives every single day. I am occasionally known to do, I jumped on the computer and googled my little heart out and am here to share the results of my exhausting investigative research with you.

Here's the speech.

Here's Greg Palast's response to the speech.


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