Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I was thinking about posting something else here about Democracyfest or one of the people I heard there.

I'm sorry, but I need to get this out of my system first. . .

What in the hell is wrong with that damned fool in the White House? I knew he was going to veto the stem cell bill, but I literally feel sick that he did. That was a nauseatingly cold, cynical, politically calculating act. The more I think about it the more disgusted I get. I've gotten tears in my eyes repeatedly today thinking about the fact that this horrible person is president of the United States.

For him to surround himself with families that "adopted embryos" is the height of political calculation. It's not as if a lot of women want FROZEN and POTENTIALLY DAMAGED blastocysts from two entirely different people to be implanted in them. I just can't imagine there is a big market for that.

So we burn the blastocysts (they aren't even embryos at this stage of the game) and call them medical waste. For once, I'm almost speechless.


These are cells. Not an embryo. Not a fetus. Not a baby. It's also not a cure for spinal cord injuries, blindness, parkinsons disease, or diabetes. Not yet anyway.

Maybe he did a signing statement that says, if they ever discover a cure for a disease I have I won't take advantage of this advance in medical science. He can do that because he's the decider.


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