Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's finally almost time for Democracyfest. It starts this week, and I'm really looking forward to it. I think it will be very interesting, and great fun. Woo and hoo. I was happy to see that MoveOn sent out an email announcing it. Hurrah, for MoveOn. I'm a HUGE fan of the concept of these big orgs like MoveOn, PDA, DFA, etc working together. That's nothing but smart.

Ok...maybe it can be difficult sometimes too, but mostly, it's smart.

imo, organizations on the left need to work together more. I'd be happy to see people realize that their groups can maintain their individual identity AND work with others. Thankfully, I'm seeing more of that mutual support. More more!

So, back to Demfest...I'm working to help with registration the first two days, and being the social creature that I am, that's a fitting job for me. On Thursday night there's a meet and greet. Then Friday morning is a live taping of the Al Franken Show.

Friday afternoon the workshops begin, and you can attend a lecture/discussion group series about "Present Actions for Future Elections" or join "Precinct Day" activities where you can learn to support campaigns at the local level. It's training for on the ground, Democratic activists. A big thumbs up for THAT, since the Republicans have developed such a great grassroots base that they have enough people to send them where they need them, when they need them.

Friday night Robert Greenwald will be showing The Big Buy.

Saturday and Sunday will be a continuation of workshops and discussion groups, and will include individual lectures by David Sirota, Marjorie Cohn, Ann Wright, Maxine Waters and many others.

The ACLU will hold a protest rights workshop. There will be showings of several films, including The Ambassador (about John Negroponte,) and Celebrating Norman Corwin. There will also be opportunity to practice your on-camera interview skills. On Sunday there will be some workshops for those who build campaign websites. Good stuff.

Lots of info and lots of practical knowledge to be gained there.

It's not all work. We get to play too. We're going to put the party back in the party. For one, Franken should be fun. On Saturday night there will be a concert, bbq/Mexican dinner and some speechifying. Howard Dean will be the keynote speaker at the beautiful Outdoor Amphitheater at SDSU.

Sunday morning is Darrell's Famous Blogger Breakfast. Bring your laptop. I'm not famous, but I'm goin' anyway! Hope to see you there!



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