Sunday, July 16, 2006

I've been at Democracyfest since Thursday night. Today is the last day. It's been exhausting, but fantastic. I've been working as a volunteer, and attending discussion panels and workshops. I worked the CA Clean Money Campaign table on Friday. Then in the evening there are been parties, and concerts. Really fun and I've learned a lot about a lot. I've met a bazillion people too. Al Franken broadcast from there on Friday, and I got to go to that. I saw Howard Dean last night. I heard AJ Croce play the piano and sing, and Laurence Juber play the guitar this weekend. I went to discussion panels on issues and on improving the Democratic infrastructure. Talking about things like keeping the party alive between election cycles, making sure all races are contested, how to talk about issues. They've got media training so people can practice talking in front of a camera. Today the ACLU is giving a class on the right to protest. Brad from Bradblog has been there talking about electronic voting issues. All kinds of good stuff.

It's all been more than I can tell right now. I'm verry tarred.

And yes, I am a very bad real-time blogger, so I'll write up a better summary of the event, and I have sooooo much information to share, that over the next few weeks I'll be posting about the ideas that have been discussed at Demfest.

I'm going to Darrell's Famous Blogger Breakfast this morning. I trust they'll have large vats of coffee.



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