Monday, July 17, 2006

Talk about your speedy updates! I just got an email from Judy Hess of Progressive Democrats of San Diego-Central, announcing that Jess Durfee, the Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee, will request time at 9am tomorrow at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting to address the issues of electronic voting machines and the CA-50 race.

He will also address the press at 10:30.

Durfee will demand public hearings and contact with the voters of San Diego and that the Board hold the Registrar of Voters, Mikel Haas, accountable.

The CA 50 Action Committee has drawn a line in the sand here in San Diego to fight this battle here so we don’t have to fight it there in 435 Congressional Districts in November.

The founders of the CA-50 Action Committee are:

Brad Friedman of Bradblog
Mimi Kennedy – actress and Chair of National PDA Advisory Board
Barbara Gail Jacobson, voter who requested hand count
Judy Hess, Leader PDA Metro San Diego Chapter
Jim Wade, Chair DFA San Diego Meetup

Go to No Sleep Overs for more information on the CA 50 Action Committee.


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