Monday, July 17, 2006

There's something brewing here in San Diego in regard to electronic voting and election integrity. The best summary of the situation I've seen so far is from Brad at Bradblog. He's on the money with this issue. We've been stewing about it down here since the election, and it's gotten no traction.

In the special election to replace Duke Cunningham in CA-50, electronic voting machines were decertified by the fact that the local registrar of voters allowed them to go home with poll workers for days and weeks before the election. This resulted in violations of the Secretary of State's certification requirements. Seals were broken. The chain of custody was damaged. The integrity of the election was compromised. We can't let that happen here or anywhere. This is the last real chance to address the problems with electronic voting prior to the November election.

Everytime local residents have tried to do to get answers about this situation they have been ignored or rebuffed. The window of transparency into our government has had the shades drawn. Free and fair elections...remember that? The people of CA-50 have tried to go through the traditional channels of requesting information and requesting a recount, and have had no support to speak of . . . . until now.

Thank you so much to Brad for using his blog and his voice to spread the word. He spoke out for us at a press conference at Democracyfest while he was in San Diego. The same thanks goes to Mimi Kennedy and PDA for supporting us in getting this message out. Mimi was at the press conference too. You folks are awesome.

I'm also pleased that the DNC has issued a strongly worded statement.

Finally, Velvet Revolution is kindly accepting donations on our behalf. Thank them and send money! The registrar wants to charge $150,000 for a hand count of 150,000 ballots.

I'll keep you updated but I truly recommend Bradblog for the news on this issue. He's nailed it.

This is not a partisan issue at all. This is a democracy issue. Our vote is our voice, and it's wrong wrong and wrong for the integrity of the system to be compromised. Personally, I'd rather that Busby win this congressional seat. Bilbray is already selling us down the river by taking a "raise", voting to allow off shore oil drilling, and voting against minimum wage. That said, the big picture issue is making sure our elections are FAIR. It's pointless for anyone to vote using a system that does not ensure that all votes can be properly counted, and that's what we are stuck with as of right NOW.


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