Sunday, August 06, 2006

btw, when I Googled that Richard Goodstein fella, I ran across a blog from another campaign worker named Richard that's working for Lieberman.

He's kind of a conflicted fella (politically speaking), and that's cool wtih me, but he also admits that they intentionally disrupt Lamont events and remove Lamont campaigns signs. Sheesh. Sounds like Joe is running for junior high class president. And I don't know about CT but in CA removing the oppositions campaign signs is illegal, as it should be. It's also pathetic.

Personally I prefer it when people run on their own merits rather than admitting they have none by constantly focusing on screwing with the other candidate. That's repulsive, and seeing evidence of that type of thing would change my vote.

Since I don't live in CT and I would have voted for Lamont anyway, it's a moot point for me, but I'm just sayin''s pathetic and another strike against Joe in my book.


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