Thursday, August 24, 2006

Defendant Bilbray Files Anti-SLAPP motion

Defendant Bilbray Files Anti-SLAPP motion against Jacobson and Ritt (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) seeking costs and fees.

Rep. Bibray is bringing an anti-SLAPP claim for attorney fees against citizens Jacobson and Ritt, claiming that these citizens have mounted a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, specifically in violation of the First Amendment rights of Rep. Bilbray. He want's costs and fees because he's claiming these two citizens are violating HIS rights by asking for a recount. It's bad enough that he's claiming the House of Representatives removed jurisdiction from the State of CA before the election was certified, by convieniently swearing him in SEVEN DAYS after the election while votes were still being counted. Now he wants to financially intimidate citizens who are fully within their rights to ask questions about the election and demand proof that the election was carried out fairly.

Strategic lawsuit against public participation from Wikipedia.

This is the same tactic Micahel Haas, from the San Diego Registrar of Voters, used in attempting to charge an exorbiant fee for a recount. The amount he demanded was arbitrary and way above the norm. A dollar per ballot, when in Orange Country they charged voters fourteen CENTS a ballot. That sure makes it look like Haas pulled that number out of his hat.

So these people, who are representatives of the goverment...our government... are repeatedly placing financial barriers between citizens, and their own power.

They don't seem to hold much affection for "we the people" now, do they?


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