Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hey ya. I've not had much to say this week because I'm in a mood. I seem to have blown out my knee or something, and pain makes me crabby. If I Blog While Crabby (BWC) I might say something regretable. Normally I just Blog While Annoyed (BWA). There's a big difference.

I've been watching with interest (and a measure of disgust) while the Republican party has a meltdown over Lamont's win. I'd just like to say, wow.


So it appears that the political strategy is to rile the no-nothing base with misdirected fear, rile the donor base with threats about the scary rise of the Fringe Left, and paint those who disagree with Bush (the majority of Americans) as America hating traitors.

My bullshitometer is pegged to the right. Sounds like Fear Campaign 2006 to me.


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