Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm sad to report that it appears to be OK for the House of Representatives to have a case of election interruptus, snag up the "apparent" winners, shuttle them to DC and swear them in and the local jurisdiction loses all control of the election process. Soon as that person is sworn in, it's over folks. Be sure to keep that in mind this coming November.

The CA-50 lawsuit asking for a recount was dismissed today, based on the ruling that neither San Diego nor the state of California has jurisdiction in an election once the candidate is sworn in to the House.

Much more at Brad Blog including a copy of the judge's ruling, and comments the attorney for the contestants, Paul Lehto.

In a little crumb of good news, he dismissed the anti-SLAPP suit based on the same decision. No jurisdiction.

More after I digest this, I'm sure.


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