Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jeeni Criscenzo is running against Darryl Issa in San Diego's 49th congressional district, and she has a consistantly excellent diary at Daily Kos. Today is no exception.
Last Saturday, I participated in the Arlington West Memorial here in my Oceanside, CA hometown. Two young Marines came by and asked what we were doing. I told them that we were honoring the troops who had fallen in Iraq and pointed out that there was a name on each marker for everyone of those who had died in Iraq. "Everyone?" the one young man asked?

"All 2600," I replied as I looked over the expanse of markers, flags and votives in the sand. "Is there someone in particular you are looking for?" I asked. He nodded and I brought him over to the table where we had a list of all of the names. He flipped over to the "D's", his finger moved deliberately down the list of names and stopped midway. "He's my brother," he said.

** JeeniCriscenzo's diary **

She faithfully participates in local Arlington West memorials and other anti-war events. There have them fairly regularly on the beach here, and unfortunately at this point in time, it takes the San Diego Veterans for Peace at least 4 hours to put up the memorial, with a cross, or other appropriate religious symbol, for each person. Then they read the names of each one. It's become an all day affair. There were only a handful of crosses at the first one I ever saw, and it's shocking to SEE it grow. At the most recent that I attended, there were four people reading names at once at different corners because it's so enormous now.

Jeeni has taken on the rationale for the war since the beginning of her campaign, and proudly proclaims that position. I don't live in that district, so I can't vote for her. That said, I deeply support her campaign. She's got scads of courage and integrity, and a great sense of caring and empathy. She's very intelligent, and obviously puts a lot of thought into her actions and decisions.

I particularly like her Peacemaker Pledge.

We are the deciders! We the voters have an opportunity this November to make our voices heard. We can define the issue that takes precedence over all others by insisting that we will only vote for Congressional candidates who are committed to ending the U.S. occupation of Iraq in the near future. I am inviting every candidate to join me in making the Peacemaker Pledge that says:

I pledge to make it a priority to work with my colleagues in the 110th Congress to enact legislation calling for the speedy withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Pass it on to the congressional candidate in your area. If they can't make THAT pledge they don't deserve your vote.


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