Sunday, August 27, 2006

OMG. This is great. You MUST give it a listen. I am sharing it far and wide. It's a song by Rickie Lee Jones (who's one of my personal all time favorites forever and ever amen) and two guys from Squirrel Nut Zipper, Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher. The song, “Have You Had Enough?” is a swing remix of the band’s hit, “Put A Lid On It”. It's a great call to arms. Please share liberally (I crack myself up sometimes) and open your wallet to contribute through the Blue America PAC on Act Blue. Or if you don’t like entering your credit card information on the net, please send a check to Blue America PAC, Box 27201, Los Angeles, CA, 90027.

Donate some dough to help elect mo' better candidates.

Mucho gracias to Alicia from Last Left Turn Before Hooterville for pointing me toward The Enigmatic Paradox.

The song will be widely released in about two weeks. Enjoy! It made me ridiculously happy.


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