Saturday, September 16, 2006

Electing the Prez by Popular Vote? What a Concept!

So what do you think about the National Popular Vote plan? If you like the idea, convince me.

People I generally hold in pretty high esteem w/r/t elections support it. Debra Bowen, for example.

I like it in theory, and I think the Electoral College is a dinosaur. I believe the president should be elected by the popular vote. One person, one vote. The law will only go into effect if enough other states join the interstate compact to create a coalition of states with a combined 270 electoral votes. I don't believe there's a problem with the constitutionality of it, because it's up to the states to decide how to award their electoral votes.

All that said, I have a little voice in my head saying, that potentially California could overwhelmingly select a Democrat (for example) but still end up awarding all electoral votes to the other candidate, and that bothers me.

And could a rigged election in a few smaller states push it to that point? I dunno. Help me do the math!

The California legislature has approved AB2948 and it's sitting on Arnold's desk. Whatever you think about it, now's the time to tell him.


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