Sunday, September 17, 2006

Five Bucks Five Bucks Five Bucks

I've added a link at the top of the sidebar where you make a donation to support Proposition 89. Five bucks! How easy it is to give five bucks to something that can make an enormous, positive difference in our government? That's part of the beauty of Prop 89.

One of the requirements for a candidate to obtain clean money financing is that they must show a broad base of voter support for their campaign. They qualify by gathering a set number signatures and five dollar contributions, and agreeing not to accept any other private money. To do this they must get out in the community and make themselves and their views known. It creates dialogue between citizens and candidates, and shows that the individual running for office can be a viable candidate.

There's lots of good information online about the benefits of Prop 89. A good start is the Facts page at Proposition 89 Now.

Proposition 89 Now!
Prop 89 at Blogger
Californians for Clean Elections
Prop 89 video at You Tube
Proposition 89 News

Give it a look, and then come back and give five bucks five bucks five bucks to put democracy back in the hands of individual citizens. Those bazillion bucks corporations have owned the process for far too long.

If we don't pay for our own political process, someone else will. It belongs to us,and it's worth a lot more than five dollars.


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