Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hey there. I've been busy the last few days. Did you miss me? I went to Mount Miguel HIgh School in Spring Valley, CA and my 30th (gasp!) high school reunion was this weekend. I was busy with that.

A few months ago I did some poking around to see if a reunion was planned for this summer, and didn't find anything. I went to the alumni site, found a contact and wrote to him asking if there was a reunion, and if not could we at least do something for the school. Well, I guess that (with contacts from other alumni) spurred a handful of people into action, and they started planning a party.

I started trying to figure out what we could do for the high school. I contacted the facilities manager, and did a tour of the campus with her to see what they need. Well, they need a LOT. My poor little raggedy school!

While we were walking around the campus, the facilities manager told me that a couple years ago the students raised money to plant trees on campus, so they were able to purchase five or six Queen Palms and they placed them along the front of the school. That night, someone came and dug up the new trees and carted them off. They stole the trees!

My inner Lorax sprang to attention and said, We Must Speak For The Trees!

I went back and told the group that my choice was to do a fundraiser to purchase new trees and other landscaping for the campus, and they agreed.

So the past two days I've been at reunion events, walking around saying "Hi...remember me? No? Well, will you give me money anyway?" Several people handed me checks or cash, and I had flyers that I handed out. Hopefully money will show up in my mailbox this week too. I not only wanted to raise some money for the school as a class gift, but hopefully we'll be successful and it will encourage other class reunion groups to do the same in the future.

I live in the same general area right now as I did when I was a teenager, so the school is still part of my community, and it needs some attention.

And trees.


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