Saturday, September 16, 2006

Now wait one darn minute here!

I'd like to know more about this, but I think it smells like harrassment.

The IRS is investigating whether All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena violated the federal tax code when its former rector, Rev. George F. Regas, delivered an anti-war sermon on the eve of the last presidential election.

I mean really....suddenly it's wrong for Christians to talk about peace? I wonder if Jesus has heard about this!?

This really bugs me in light of the fact that so many conservative churches actively insert themselves into politics (and campaigns) with no repercussions. I've known a whole lot of people over the years who've told me their church has told them who to vote for, and it ain't the Democrats. From the story linked above it sounds like the pastor was not making an endorsement or telling anyone how to vote. If any group should talk about the evils of war, it's people who claim to be Christian.


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