Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back in April/May of 2006 the RNCC ran some extraordinarily nasty and downright false ads smearing Francine Busby with a soft on child molesters theme. They were terrible ads that linked her with a teacher in her school district that was under investigation for having child porn. Busby had absolutely nothing to do with it, and the teacher was stripped of his credentials and resigned rather than face the school board to be terminated.

I didn't realize the link until I saw the post at Calitics that says Representative Tom Reynolds (NY-26) was behind the ad campaign for the RNCC.

Yes, the same Tom Reynolds who was told about Mark Foley behaving inappropriately with the pages, yet he didn't investigate.

Hypocrite. Lying hypocrite. Lying snake of a hypocrite. I'm submitting his name to Buzzflash as the GOP Hypocrite of the Week.



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