Friday, October 13, 2006

Money Money Money

Did you know that 95% of elections are won by the candidate that spent the most money, and between 2004 and 2006, challengers NEVER raised more than the incumbent?

That's just one of the reasons we need Prop 89 to pass here in California. That playing field needs to be leveled for democracy to flourish. Elections should be about popular support and ideas. Not about who can run the greatest number of lying campaign ads. Special interest money is currently the primary factor that determines the outcome of our elections.

Prop 89 is our opportunity to reverse this anti-democratic trend, and to put politics back in the hands of the people.

The LA Times has been running a daily tally of the money being contributed in CA during this election season. Yesterday (10-12-06) ALONE $7,491,042 was contributed. Yes that's right. Seven million four hundred ninety one thousand forty two dollars. Yesterday. One day. ONE DAY. How crazy is that? The total so far this election season is rapidly approaching half a BILLION dollars.

The year to date total: $443,071,021.

The return on this investment by large corporations is significant. It gives them the political clout to shape our laws to best protect their bottom line. Southern CA homeowners wanted help with the insurance nightmares they experienced after the devestating wildfires. Insurance companies won, and people burned out of their homes lost. The levees in Northern CA are desperately in need of repair, but after a half a million dollars in donations by developers, the pending legislation was shelved.

We need people in government that are ONLY there to act for the greater good of the people of California. Not to protect the profits of large corporations.

We must take our government back from these big money corporate interests, and that is the intent of Prop 89. Sanity needs to be restored in our political process, and our government must be returned to the public.

Now is the time for 89!


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