Sunday, October 29, 2006

Walk To End The Wars

I'd like you to meet Bill McDannell. Bill lives in Lakeside, CA...for the moment. Next Saturday, November 4, 2006, Bill will leave Lakeside on foot, and head out for Washington, DC. He's calling this a Walk to End the War. Poke around on his website a bit, sign the petition he'll be delivering, and if you can, give him a little financial love. Our friends at San Diego Veterans for Peace in Ramona will be managing donation for Bill. There's also a Walking Sale page on his site where he has some personal belongings he's selling before he sets out.

If he's passing through your town, be sure to say hello and walk with him for a bit. Keep an eye on his journal too.

From the SD Tribune: Cross-country trek to be anti-war action

Protest is Patriotism is helping out too by coordinating housing and support for Bill while he's on the road. If you can help out by giving him a place to rest his head along the route, let them know.

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