Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I've been in post-election detox. I'm resting.

Since tomorrow is the official start of the holiday shopping season, I thought it would be a sensible thing to point you to my sidebar "affiliate" ads for your shopping pleasure. Just a couple. I interrupt my normally scheduled blathering for some advertising.

No Sweat

I like No Sweat, purveyors of no sweatshop, fair trade clothing and gifts. I've bought several things from them, and it's all good. Check out their website. I have the Code Pink high top tennies, of course. The other product worth checking out is the Tsong thong. Flip flops designed by girls who were orphaned in the tsunami in Ache, Indonesia. From the website:
A portion of the profits (30%) goes to rebuilding schools in tsunami-devastated Aceh, Indonesia and to a scholarship fund [for the child that designed the shoe you purchase]. The rest (after cost, shipping and duties) goes to building a brand that will stamp out child labor. Fair trade? Produced by SPSI-TSK workers in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If you buy flip flops order a size up. They're very cute.


Powell's is a good alternative to Amazon if you're into the Buy Blue philosophy of voting with your wallet. I like their little bookshelf thingie too. If you click on my link it'll take you to my bookshelf where I've entered a lot of the political/social issue genre books that I've either read or have had recommended to me over the past couple years.

Ok, thanks. The commercial is over. Enjoy your turkey.


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