Friday, January 05, 2007

Bowen plans full review of voting machines


The Ventura County Star has article about Debra Bowen's view on electronic voting machines.

"We are going to do a top to bottom review of every voting system in use anywhere in California," Bowen said in an interview. "Yes, I would consider decertifying machines that my predecessor approved. Unfortunately, we've spent a lot of money on equipment that's not ready for prime time. Any Fortune 500 company would have sent those machines back with a letter saying they just don't do what they're supposed to."

And she comments on the Busby/Bilbray race and the whole "sleepovers" issue too.

Then there are the notorious "sleepovers," where precinct officials in some parts of California picked up voting machines as much as three weeks before the election and kept them in garages, closets or wherever they pleased until the vote began. These machine sojourns became a cause célebrè in June, when some activists questioned whether machines could have been hacked just enough to give a special congressional election in the San Diego suburbs to Republican Brian Bilbray over Democrat Francine Busby.

"I believe the sleepovers are illegal," said Bowen, an attorney. "If a system is designed so it can't be used without sitting in someone's garage for two weeks, we should not be using that system. We could fix this by using a bonded delivery service like Brinks to deliver machines to polling places at a set time."

That's why I supported Bowen in the November election.


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