Sunday, January 28, 2007

a busy week in San Diego

Hi there. It's been a busy week!

Last Saturday (1/20) was the People's Ball. The fifth annual, I believe. Activist San Diego puts it on as an awards ceremony for local activists, plus there's food and dancing and always an interesting guest speaker. This year the speaker was Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange and CodePink. I tabled at the party and sold lots of Pink swag and books for Medea's book signing. I had a fun, and Medea was great. She's very open and down-to-earth, and after we were done with the book signing we danced the night away. I think she was just about the last one off the dance floor! And of course, her speech was excellent. She's a very dynamic, inspiring speaker. Some people have the knack, and she's one of them. Much of her talk was about her trip to Guantanamo where she protested outside the gates of the prison.

All anyone is asking for is those held prisoner to be charged and given a fair trial. That's not to much to ask of a country that's supposedly a beacon of democracy, is it?

The next day about a dozen of us, including Medea, met for dinner at Cilantro Live! in Lemon Grove. We chatted, and talked about what we can do to promote peace here in the SD area. Plus the food was yummy. Cilantro Live! is a raw, organic, vegan restaurant that has a couple locations in the county. (I had a salad with mixed greens, avocado, sprouted wild rice, cranberries and a grapefruit viniagrette, and it was most excellent.)

Over the course of the weekend I met lots of great people who want to work for peace here in San Diego, and had much fun, to boot!

THEN....yesterday we had a peace rally and march in downtown in conjunction with the marchers in Washington DC (and other locations like Los Angeles and San Francisco).

Here are a couple photostreams from Flickr of the San Diego protest.

These were taken by my friend Michael


I don't know the person who took these, but the link was sent to me in an email this morning and there are lots of good photos.

So I feel that I had a very productive week, activist-wise.

Today, I'm staying home!


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