Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just because the election is over....

...doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels! As they have in the past, Democracy for America is holding training academies in the coming months, and I highly recommend them! Take a look at Arshad's post at Daily Kos which gives when and where type details.

The Republican party has completely outrun everyone else in terms of training grassroots activists, but DFA has done their part to bring the Dems up to speed. We have to invest in our own infrastructure....not just money, but time and energy.

So please check out their training schedule to see if there's a training academy near you. They're fun and informative and you get to meet other's who are passionate about progress!

Manchester, NH January 27-28
Las Vegas, NV February 10-11
Houston, TX March 3-4
Columbia, SC March 17-18
Cedar Rapids, IA March 24-25
Jackson, MS March 30 – April 1
Columbia, MO April 14-15
Austin, TX April 21-22
Knoxville, TN April 28-29
Bloomington, IN May 12-13
Baton Rouge, LA June 2-3
Salt Lake City, UT June 16-17
Albany, NY June 23-24
Tampa, FL June 30 – July 1
Frankfort, KY July 7 -8
Sacramento, CA July 14-15
Orange County, CA July 21-22

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