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If you like the war in Iraq, you'll love war with Iran!

Michael Gomel (who kindly allows me to occasionally steal his photos from Flickr) wrote the following statement after participating in a UPJ conference call, and it was posted to the SDCPJ mailing list this past week.

So reads the ad by United for Peace and Justice placed this week in
the weekly Congressional Magazine that Our congressional legislators

UPJ held a conference call with activist organizations around the US
on Wednesday, February 7, 2007 and again on Tuesday Feb 13 for those
who missed the first one. As a participant in that conference call -
with Phyllis Bennis giving the informational update and strategy
ideas in an opening address and a Q & A for an hr after - I will do
my best here to inform All of how we might proceed to hope to stop
War at Iran.

This is our main best focus!

We who got our news from the human rights based, unembedded, independent media knew early about the creation of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) founded by Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz over 5 years ago inside the Pentagon and without Pentagon or other oversite where Feith cherry picked intelligence to create the (intelligence) lies to manufacture consent for the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq. Despite this news in the independent media, the corporate mainstream press spread the lies and beat the drums of war. The media lied and like the DIA falsely connected Sadam Hussein to
WMD's, to Al-Qaeda, to "terrorism", and even to 9-11. MANY AMERICANS even now still think/believe this crap. That is why I repeat it here.

Colin Powell gave his damning speech to the UN and only later admitted he didn't believe the intelligence reports he was announcing to The World.

Then the Downing Street Memos were leaked and gave "official" proof of these lies as a matter of Policy strategy. Many of us hoped that this would be a call to the integrity of our elected officials and to the media getting it right. The War ravaged on.

This year, 2007, The Pentagon Inspector General's report has publicly delineated that Feith (DIA) falsely created intelligence approved by Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld.
This again confirming the Downing Street Memos as Truth.

The War in Iraq still goes on. They got it so that "the horse could leave the barn" almost 4 years ago - 4 yrs and 700,000 Iraqi deaths, and over 3000 American KIA ago with 100,000s on all sides direly wounded.

War at Iran would be evenly impossibly worse. The entire Middle East could explode in unrest and turmoil - both cross borders and within country's borders. For Americans at home and abroad, Iran would be able to retaliate against US forces in US bases in every Arab country in the Middle East. Al-Qaeda and other violent goups who already have waiting lines for their admissions applications would be overrun
with huge numbers of new hatefilled recruits.

Moreso, Iran is not weakened militarily like Iraq was after the sanctions. They have weapons to defend themselves and even to attack US warships. This is why the US Coast Guard has had ships and crews sent to the Gulf to help in sea rescue operations.

A nuclear attack on Iran would be utter shame for the US with a 60 year world policy of no first strike by any nation. Radiation fallout would be utterly criminal.

Iran has the rights under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to build a reactor for power. They have hadinspections. The Shah wanted a reactor built for their power needs and Cheney as a member of Gerald Ford's gov't said it was legitimate and was giving him one - until the Revolution came and it didn't get built. Israel, Pakistan, and India are not even signatories to the treaty and are in violation. THE US ITSELF is in violation. Iran is not. National Intelligence estimates place Iran's ability - not desire - to build a bomb at 4-10 years. Like the Baker Hamilton Study said -

UPJ would like a WMD-FREE ZONE in all the Middle East. That's a dream we have and most in the Middle East share.

For the US warmongering propaganda machine, the Nuclear issue has not been enough to drum up a war. Only 1 in 5 Amercians in the latest Polls this week think military
action is acceptable.

SO, then now we have the crap about weapons and roadside bombs as if being supplied by Iran. LIES. NO PROOF ala Gen Pace Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff at Pentagon. MORESO, what isn't reported is that 90% of attacks at US forces are by the Sunni insurgents who are as anti-Iran as the US. AND any sensible person should be aware of the worldwide weapons blackmarket which Desmond Tutu decried worldwide at Xmas time. And what of the many massive arsenals In Sadam's Iraq that the US military commanders left unguarded and were of course all systematically looted?

And we need to reiterate these points to people so they are keener than to believe the war propaganda being drummed up now - and to come louder soon - in the mainstream media by the Gov't.

The Neocons dream of Empire and control over all resources and the subservience of all gov'ts. They see the current day as a chance to deflect criticism and attention away from Iraq and to try to hold onto power in 2008 elections for the White House.
They wanted the oil and gas pipelines that run through the Caucaus's Mountains in Afghanistan. They wanted the rich oil reserves and they wanted permanent huge military bases in Iraq. Now they want Iran's oil and untapped natural gas reserves. They want forcible control of the Straits of Hormuz They also want dominance and they see Iran as a nation with wealth, water, large area. large population, and water -
a powerful nation that could greatly influence the Middle East - and they want US dominance without question and by force - not treaties and diplomacy.

China, Russia, and Indonesia have strong economic ties to Tehran and could be pushed into this war also.

What is also always forgotten amidst the rhetoric is that Iran's equally bellicose speaking President is a figurehed compared to The Supreme Council. His political faction lost all recent elections to moderate forces. His is by far not the only voice nor the voice of Iran. There are indeed other "voices." And now in the news is Khomeini's Comprehensive Peace treaty initiative to the US and Israel in 2003. One that Rice denied and has just been called on that lie by her underlings. One that Colin Powell said he "couldn't sell to the White House". One that definitely existed!!

UPJ stated that Congress was currently a weaker link in stopping war at Iran. Public pressure is needed. The US is trying to manufacture or trigger an incident - like the fake Gulf of Tonkin - to rally for a war. Israel could also be used as one to strike first - as if for their own future safety - and then the US come to their defense. Even though no defense treaty exists with Israel, Congress would
surely approve such a war.

What is needed is a "Bolland Ammendment", UPJ knows, an amendment in the 80's against Reagan's supporting the Contras against Nicaruaga. Currently Rep Jones has a bill and Rep Barbara Lee an even sronger one. Either could prohibit funds for war at Iran and serve as a "Bolland" ammendment. Sen Byrd of W Va, is currently writing one for
the Senate.

HOWEVER, the advice is that our job is best to put pressure by educating the public and reaching the media as to how "they lied then and they lie now". Lobby Congress indeed, but by building a stronger public awareness with which to influence them.

Nationwide local Rallies March 17-19 should very strongly speak out for diplomacy and against the dangers of War with Iran thereby putting big pressure on.

Some insider analysts even worry that March 17-19 might be too late.

Check UPJ's website for petitions and actions and new strategies that
the Steering Commitee may come up with
in the coming days.


Peace Up,
Michael Gomel
Activist San Diego

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