Friday, March 23, 2007

Feed the Beast

Found by way of Steve Hicken's 20th century concert music blog, listen, Sterling Newberry has written an interesting piece entitled Feed the Beast on the response (or lack of, for the most part) from the arts on politics and other events of the day.
Not only have Americans turned against the war, but more and more the military community has. The world of the arts, however, has been feeble at best in their replies, it is as if art wishes to hide its face from the realities of the time, or at best feed maudlin sentimentality.

Sterling has also released a video ...

The music is the last 3 minutes of the second movement of his Piano Sonata in C, "Ares" - entitled "There Must Be Peace".
This is the first video for the Ares album which will be released next week, it features the names of the 3227 American service personnel who died in the first four years of invasion and occupation, as well as photographs of the occupation from the DoD.

He has an good essay about it at The Smirking Chimp. Unfortunately, the video format is a little small. It would benefit greatly from a larger format. I think it's slightly larger if you watch it on the You Tube site.


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