Friday, March 23, 2007


Frank Pecarich, a retired Soil Scientist, has an article at California Progress Report about food safety, and E Coli in our veggies.

This subject is just bugging the tarnation out of me. I believe, as Pecarich says in his very good article, someone is hiding the ball.

Personally, I think of this as a progressive issue. We've been going down the Government is Bad road for so long now, and have allowed the Republican ideology about deregulation of business to take us to a bad place. Agencies that were put in place to protect the public and to moderate the problems and excesses of a free market, have been made toothless, inefficient and subservient to industry. Lots of folks seem to see that as a good thing.

I don't mind one bit if there are basic standards that can be put in place to protect my spinich salad from being poisoned. If the growers and or packers can't do it, we should.

In the meantime, I think I'll get my spinich at the local Farmers Market.



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