Thursday, March 22, 2007

Liberal House Dems To Back Leadership's Iraq Bill

How utterly depressing. I get it, politically speaking, but I don't like it one bit. They're going to keep throwing good money after bad.

I don't exactly agree with the TPM headline though. They're not really backing it. It's more like they're not actively opposing it other than with their own votes.

From TPM:

Liberal House Dems To Back Leadership's Iraq Bill
After a painstaking series of meetings with members of the Progressive Caucus and Out of Iraq Caucus and other members of Congress, the group agreed that, while they could not vote for the bill themselves, they would not block its passage.

"As someone who opposed this war from the beginning, I have voted against every single penny for this war as a matter of conscience, but now I find myself in the excruciating position of being asked to choose between voting for funding for the war or establishing timelines to end it," said Lee. "I have struggled with this decision, but I finally decided that, while I cannot betray my conscience, I cannot stand in the way of passing a measure that puts a concrete end date on this unnecessary war."



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