Friday, April 27, 2007

CA-50 election update? I bet you thought that was over.

In case you were wondering, the legal issues are not resolved regarding the 2006 Busby-Bilbray election contest in CA-50. The wheels turn slowly, don't they?

There were several developments today.

First, In response to citizen outrage over the Court's stunning decision regarding the 2006 CA-50 election contest between Francine Busby and Brian Bilbray, attorneys Paul Lehto and Ken Simpkins, with Linda Poniktera, former press secretary for the Francine Busby for Congress campaign, have formed Psephos, a nonprofit organization committed to helping resolve voter issues such as the restriction of citizen oversight and lack of public control of their own elections, the lack of transparency, and the use of electronic voting machines that enable secret vote counts via "trade secret" software. Psephos (pronounced see-foss) is the Greek word for stone, which the ancient Greeks used to cast their ballots.

In a morning press conference near the San Diego Convention Center, Psephos announced that plaintiffs Gail Jacobson and Lillian Ritt have petitioned the California Supreme Court regarding the Jacobson v. Bilbray election contest requesting discovery and a recount of the vote in the June 2006 special election in California’s Fiftieth Congressional District.

In March 2007 a Court of Appeals decided they need not decide the case because the point was moot by the time it came before them. In other words, the 109th Congress was over. Lehto and Simpkins argue that it is indeed NOT a moot point, when the real issue is citizen oversight of elections, a stunning lack of transparency and proprietary electronic voting machines.

And finally, Psephos also announced that is has received a request from CA Secretary of State Debra Bowen for additional information regarding a complaint filed February 14, 2006 by Psephos attorney and co-founder Ken Simpkins. The complaint alleged irregularities in the conduct of the November 2006 midterm elections in San Diego County.

This complaint cites violations of state and federal election law, and I posted about the filing of that complaint back in February, and the subsequent petition to the CA Secretary of State.

So yes, the wheels turn slowly, but they do turn.



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