Saturday, April 28, 2007

Democratic women are the life of the party

I say that because it's my new bumpersticker, and it's true. Woot!

The last couple days have been filled with CA State Democratic Convention type activities here in Sunny San Diego.

Last night I went to the fantabulous Blue House at the Brew House fundraiser for Jerry McNerney and Charlie Brown. Big fun. I met some great folks that were only names on a screen to me before, but now they have faces and voices! I lurves the Internets.

As a side note, in traditional convention-goer fashion, I had three beers for dinner. (::hic::)

This morning (early...oh my god so early) we had a press conference to discuss the status of the resolution that Raymond Lutz of the East County Democratic Club introduced at the convention regarding Blackwater West, which has apparantly been shot down. Big picture, that's ok...there are other roads to take.

After the press conference was over, I made my way to the volunteer room. I had the thrilling task of guarding a door for about a half hour, then I filled in at a delegate registration table for about a half hour (no one came to see me at all!) After that, I made my way to the Leadership Luncheon where once again I guarded a door. Exciting stuff, eh?

As a bonus, there were a couple tables vacant around the edges of the room, and once things got started and there was no longer any need to guard the damn door, we were told to have a seat, eat and listen to the speeches. Cool! At the orientation they'd told us we'd probably have to leave the room once the luncheon got going because it was sold out, but we got to stay. Hurrah for free food. Art Torres, Fabian Nunez and Zoe Lofgren were the speakers. Unfortunately, I'm a bad blogger so I didn't take notes or live blog. I just ate the free food, listened to the blahblahblah and drank their coffee.

Zoe was pretty cool though. I liked her.

After lunch, I scored a floor pass to the general session. The only presidential candidate I missed was Clinton, but I got to see Obama (wow), Dodd (poor fella had to follow Obama) and Kucinich (who knew his wife was such a hottie?). Edwards and Richardson speak tomorrow, but I won't be there. I'll be at a Padres game instead. I won a pair of tickets at the Blue House at the Brew House fundraiser for Jerry McNerney and Charlie Brown last night.

This afternoon when the general session was over, I walked across the street to a humongous and enthusiastic impeachment rally. I was planning to walk back over to the convention center when they moved to the other side of the street, but I was right next to the trolley station and that leg that likes to remind me of my age hurt like mad, so when the train arrived, I jumped on and came home. And still, my feet are killing me.

In the interest of full disclosure, the score of the general session floor pass was obtained by pimping myself our for the Kucinich campaign. I know his SoCal coordinator and told her that I wanted to hear the speeches, but hadn't volunteered enough hours to get a pass, and she handed me one. All I had to do was join her, and the bazillion other legitimate Kucinich supporters in a sign waving frenzy when he spoke.

Ok. I can do that. I certainly haven't jumped on the Kucinich 2008 bandwagon, but I like him. He's got cojones, and it's fine with me if the other candidates see genuine progressive issues getting an enthusiastic reception.

I figure it was my Good Karma Gift of the Day, because I was a good girl and turned in a found press credential instead of using it myself.

I'm a fool, but I'm an honest fool.

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