Friday, April 13, 2007

Filner's pledge to Potrero

I picked up a copy of The Californian this afternoon so I could read the article I mentioned earlier today, and it provides some new information on the private training facility being proposed in Potrero.

Citizens of Potrero, CA met with Representative Bob Filner on Monday, and asked for for his help in blocking the Blackwater West facility that would introduce firing ranges, a vehicular training track, a helicopter pad, and urban warfare training center into this quiet, rural community.

Filner expressed his support for the residents. "I am with you on this", he told those who attended the meeting. He agreed to speak on the record in Congress, and to ask Senator Barbara Boxer to consider including this site in a bill she's introduced to expand the Hauser Wilderness Area which adjoins the prospective site. Filner noted security concerns and the lack of accountability by private military and security contractors such as Blackwater. The citizens also asked Filner to consider legislation blocking Blackwater from receiving federal funds until the outcome of Congressional investigations is determined.

In other news, according to the Hampton Pilot, Blackwater has scrapped plans for a facility in the Philippines:
The company's plans for a jungle survival skills training center on the site of the former U.S. naval base at Subic Bay sparked calls for an investigation from a prominent member of the Philippines Senate last summer.
More recently, the head of a United Nations work group on mercenary activity expressed concern about recruitment methods used by Blackwater and similar companies in the Philippines.

It can be done! At the County Planning Meeting last week, someone asked me if I thought we had a chance to stop this. Heck yeah. I wouldn't be there if I thought it was impossible.

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