Sunday, April 29, 2007

Obama's Turn the Page Speech in San Diego

That man does know how to talk, and he's got the "vision thing" down. The delegates just ate him up. It's one thing to know that Barak Obama is charismatic. It's a different thing to see it in person. He's got It. His supporters were very active and involved in his visit to the convention yesterday, and he got the rock star reception.

I haven't decided who to really support yet in the 2008 but I could end up supporting him in the end. He ranks above Hillary for me, but Edwards is pretty high on my list too. The way they play out w/r/t Iraq is probably what will tip me toward one or the other at this point. If either of the two get the nomination I could work for their campaigns in good conscious.

Here's a link to the text of his speech at California Progress Report.

And here's the video:

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