Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Those who count the votes, they decide everything

Did the most powerful Republicans in America have the computer capacity, software skills and electronic infrastructure in place on Election Night 2004 to tamper with the Ohio results to ensure George W. Bush's re-election?

The answer appears to be yes. There is more than ample documentation to show that on Election Night 2004, Ohio's "official" Secretary of State website which gave the world the presidential election results was redirected from an Ohio government server to a group of servers that contain scores of Republican web sites, including the secret White House e-mail accounts that have emerged in the scandal surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales´┐Żs firing of eight federal prosecutors.

Ok, I've read the article by Steven Rosenfeld and Bob Fitrakis at The Free Press.

A couple times, actually....give me a break. My brain slows considerably by 9pm. I'm a morning person.

But now let me get this straight. SmartTech hosts the RNC web sites, as well as GovTech Solutions. GovTech Solutions is the company that tabulated and published the votes in the last two elections in Ohio. GovTech is owned by Heather Connell, and Heather Connell is married to Michael L. Connell, the owner of New Media Communications, "internet consultant to scores of prominent senators, governors and Members of Congress, as well as the Republican National Committee and four Republican National Conventions."

So for the past two elections, the wife of a long time Republican political strategist was responsible for counting the votes in the state of Ohio.

Words fail me.

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