Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let the carbfest continue!

Last night my son and husband went to the Lemon Grove Fire Station for their annual spaghetti dinner, and while they were there they picked up tickets to the Kiwanis pancake breakfast this morning. Then tonight we're going to a San Diego for Democracy house concert with Berkley Hart. We're having potluck there.


That said, I'm really looking forward to the concert. I've only seen Berkley Hart at last years Democracyfest and they played a short set. Tonight is their full concert.

Somewhere between the pancakes and the potluck I hope to get downtown to hear Chalmers Johnson speak.

and at some point in time I need to get to the lingere section at Mervyns (or somewhere) to buy appropriate foundation garments (remember that term, babyboomers?) to wear under my white top I have to wear to commencement tomorrow.

Good grief. I didn't plan this very well. I'd better get moving....


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