Sunday, May 13, 2007

Little bits of this and that

The Union Trib ran an article yesterday about the current state of the kurfluffle involving the Blackwater West development in Potrero, and the local planning group.

Recalls, and petitions and lawsuits, oh my.

The PPG is going to vote on the issue again on July 12. Not that there's much expectation that the results will be very different, but you just never know. Maybe some will have a change of heart and think about what the majority of the people who live in the area want in their community. Stranger things have happened.

I've nearly finished reading Blackwater, The Rise of the Worlds Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill.

I was reading the book on the bus a couple days ago, and the man sitting behind me said, "what are you reading?" I showed him the cover and he replied, "Wow. That's pretty heavy . . . are you married?" So, in addition to being an important and worthwhile read, it seems to have some other special power going for it too.

But anyway....It's extremely powerful, well written, and pretty damn distressing on so many levels. It's a must read book on all the reasons why we shouldn't be contracting out in Iraq on anything near the level we are, and why we don't want companies like Blackwater taking on traditional security, police and military functions.

Other bits of this and that:

Business relating to Blackwater at the Potrero Planning Group will not go into "executive session" as Chairman Gordon Hammers had threatened. He was advised by the County not to do that. Good decision.

PPG board member Mary Johnson wore her new Blackwater USA t shirt to the PPG meeting on Thursday evening. When questioned about the appropriateness she snapped, “What are you, the fashion police?”

La di dah...

and Happy Mother's Day.



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