Thursday, May 17, 2007

Upcoming San Diego events

Speaking of Al Gore...

On May 21 Gore is giving his Inconvenient Truth lecture at the RIMAC Arena at UCSD. The tickets were free and 4,000 were gobbled up in less than an hour. According to they mostly went to students that stood in line for a very long time.

Also speaking in San Diego this week is historian and author Chalmers Johnson. He'll be at the Central Library on Saturday May 19 at 2 pm. He'll be discussing his new book, Nemesis: The Last Sorrows of Empire. His talk is free at the San Diego Library at 820 E St in Downtown San Diego.

The San Diego Veterans For Peace will stage Arlington West on Memorial Day, May 28 2007, Oceanside, North of the Pier. More than 2400 crosses with flags and candles will be displayed. Arlington West is a memorial designed to honor our troops that have died in Iraq in a non-political setting. The memorial will be from noon to 8PM, lighting candles at dusk. During the memorial participants read the name, rank, service, age, and date of death of all 3400+ casualties. Visitors are welcome, and asked to participate.

And speaking of Memorial Day, John Edwards has launched his Support the Troops, End the War Campaign by asking his supporters to support the troops by acting to end the war this Memorial Day. The website gives suggestions, and a search function that lets you find events in your area. Looks like there are already a couple scheduled in the San Diego area. I know that one of the San Diego for Edwards One Corps groups is talking about doing something but they've not posted details yet though, so don't quote me on that.


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