Thursday, May 10, 2007

update on the contracting out hearing

Well well. That was informative. Now I know why the last congress was called the do-nothing congress....that is, if Mr Kingston of Georgia is any indication of their priorities. He didn't care one whit about the issues being discussed. He just wanted to cast aspirsions on Greenwald and Scahill, and question their motives. Never mind that the two of them know more about contracting out then Kingston and the whole lot of them rolled into one. He could have actually used the opportunity to learn something, but nevermind that when he can question how they're registered at voters, twist their words, and take shots at Hollywood. If I were a citizen of Georgia, I'd be completely embarrassed.

Basically he took up a good bit of the time yammering about nothing. I figure that must have been his goal, because I really hate to think he got where he is by being as stupid as he looked today. Personally, I chalk it up to sabatoge.

Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, on the other hand, is one smart cookie. She totally gets it. She asked the right questions, and seems very serious about getting answers. I was completely impressed by her intelligence and her manner.

Way. To. Go. Ohio.

The last panel (lobbyists for the defense industry) has been postponed because they're voting on the Iraq appropriations bill and they can't have appropriations hearings during an appropriations vote. Makes sense to me.

More later.........

p.s. Todd at Courage Campaign did a great live blog of the hearing at Daily Kos.

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