Thursday, June 07, 2007

Three month delays for passports.

According to this Yahoo news article, the DHS is going to suspend the necessity of having a passport to fly into the US from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda as long as you have proof that you've applied for a passport and government issued ID. They can't keep up with all the applications. They have millions.

It's just going to keep getting worse too, because in six months you'll have to have a passport to cross the border at all. So those of us to live near the border and can normally travel easily back and forth, will now have to pay almost $100 to do what we've done all our lives...and the backlog will grow.

Personally, I think it's annoying. I also think we need to fill out the applications now if we plan to go down to Baja in the near future.

Oooohhh....I bet the club owners in Tijuana are really irked about this. I wonder if it'll cut down on the number of people who cross the border to party in the clubs at night. I imagine it will.

I already have my passport since I went to Peru a couple years ago, but now my husband and son will have to shell out some dough because they cross the border regularly. Hmmm. I wonder how much extra income that is bringing in to the Feds this year. Hundreds of millions.

I think we can call it a special tax on border residents, since that's where there will be the biggest impact.


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