Friday, July 27, 2007

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It's been a while since I've given a Blackwater West update, and there's a little new info to share. As usual, there's not much linkage because this is all either first hand knowledge or from The East County Californian, which is not online.

There isn't much new in planning news, since the project is in the Environmental Impact Report stage of the process, but I've found the political news to be quite entertaining. Nearly half of the registered voters in Potrero have signed petitions to recall seven of the nine planning board members. That is nearly twice as many signatures as required, and the San Diego County Registrar of Voters should announce the recall certification any day now.

Most of the board members have been vocal, to say the least, about their impression that this is all political and being driven by Democratic Party "outsiders", and "directed by radical activists and operatives from far outside [the] community". I don't know how or why that could possibly be true. Why the hell would the Democratic Party, out of the clear blue sky, attack a powerless, rural planning group for political reasons, only to have them replaced them with other Republicans?


The recall is being driven and coordinated by Potrero residents who are sick and tired of being misrepresented, yelled at, insulted, attacked, and disrespected. Period. If Gandhi was a PPG member, and he treated his constituents as they do, he'd be recalled too. This situation wouldn't be partisan, if the PPG hadn't made it so.

The Potrero Planning Group have asked for, and received assistance from the San Diego County GOP. They've sent form letters to Republican voters in Potrero, and fired up the robo-caller to claim "outsiders shouldn't be making our decisions for us". All this despite the fact that half of the town signed the petitions, half of the petition signers are Republicans, and three of the replacement candidates are Republicans.

Seems to me that the GOP is the outsider interfering here, and their "help" has made matter's worse for the PPG because once again, they've insulted the people they were elected to represent. I don't know about anyone else, but it would make me angry to be talked to like I'm a naive dupe that doesn't know her own mind, and needs to be enlightened by a political party and low level, elected officials.

But maybe that's just me.

Personally, I don't know if they've come up with a bizarre story to try and save their seats, or if they really believe this crazy talk. I've been watching the issue pretty darn close, and have seen nothing of the kind. What I see are planning board members who think they represent idiots that need to be schooled.That'll get you recalled every time. There's no need for outsiders or radical activists here! The PPG sabotage their own sorry selves every time one of them opens their mouths.

For example:

When Board Member Mary Johnson wore a Blackwater tshirt to a planning meeting where the Blackwater project was on the agenda, and was questioned about displaying her lack of impartiality she replied, "What are you? The fashion police?"

Former Board Member Emil Susu (who continues to sit on the board despite not being sworn in by county supervisors due to the fact that he wasn't registered to vote in CA) called the recall petitions a "pack of lies" at a recent board meeting. FYI Emil: It's not nice to call people liars. It upsets them. And get off that dais until you're sworn it.

PPG chair Gordon Hammers once commented that those who are opposed to Blackwater West are "drug dealers and liberals" who are afraid of the police presence. Mr Hammers also responds to constituent comments are board meetings with phrases like "who cares" and "so what". He also admits he brought in the assistance (ha) of the GOP because "the East County Democratic Party is doing this". There is no East County Democratic Party. There is a East County Democratic CLUB that is led by Raymond Lutz, who is also involved with the East County Citizen Oversight Panel, a committee that attends public meetings in San Diego's East County to make sure they are abiding by the provisions of the Brown Act. They seem to have to go to Potrero a lot these days, but they're not the Democratic Party, and Mr Lutz is understandably troubled by BOTH Blackwater and the actions of the Potrero Planning Group.

Jeez Louise. The Potrero Planning Group: Keeping the nut in wingnut since 2006.

Stay tuned!

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