Sunday, July 01, 2007

An Edwards house party sans house

The sister of a long time friend of mine is one of the San Diego John Edwards One Corps coordinators, and since Edwards is currently my personal front runner I wanted to check out the group. Today was the perfect opportunity because they had a fundraiser for Edwards, where we met for lunch at a restaurant next to the theatre, then we all went to see Sicko. $20 per person for pizza, salad, soda and a movie ticket for the 1:45 showing at the Edwards (aren't we clever) Cinema in Mira Mesa. There were nearly 50 of us and it netted about $400 for the campaign. Nifty idea, sez I, and a cool way to have a house party without the house. Here's his ActBlue page in case you'd like to help kick off the new fundraising quarter too.

Here is the current Edwards house party video from YouTube.

As for Sicko, I won't go into the content since it's been well/covered /elsewhere other than to say it was totally worthwhile. It'll get you thinking about why o why we're in the mess we're in with our healthcare system. The best thing about it though, is that it's got everyone, even the MSM finally, talking about what's wrong with healthcare in America. It's about time.


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