Saturday, July 07, 2007

If you live in Susan Davis's district - CA 53

She has a poll on her website asking for your opinion on Iraq. Answer the poll and then send her an email or call her office on Monday and give her your opinion.

I spoke with one of her staff members about a week ago and he said that they do NOT get a large percentage of emails or phone calls opposing Iraq. He tallies the constituent correspondence each week for Rep Davis, and if you went by that as an indicator of public opposition (which she does) thre's not much there there. He knows how people feel based on what they tell him personally, but the volume of offical comments don't reflect the strength of public opposition.

If you think we need to change course, let her know.

I'll even make it easy for you! Here is her website.

Here's her contact info:

U.S. House of Representatives
1526 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2040
Fax: (202) 225-2948
San Diego Office
4305 University Ave Ste 515
San Diego, CA 92105
Phone Number: (619) 280-5353
Fax Number: (619) 280-5311

Here's her email form page

How much simpler could it be?

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