Friday, July 06, 2007

A quagmire? Really?

Representative John Doolittle calls for a draw down of combat troops from Iraq?
Gee, what a visionary.

In his most strident criticism of the Iraq conflict, Doolittle said colleagues in Congress -- including an increasing number of Republicans -- believe the war "is something different than we believed it to be. And we're gravely at risk by constantly having our troops exposed."

Excuse me while I go beat my head against the nearest wall for a bit.

But thanks for noticing. This IS something different than what we were told, and yes, it does put us gravely at risk. Haven't a large number of us been saying this for several years?

I guess what just grates on me about these half hearted converts from the Dark Side is that while they're finally beginning to criticize the policy in Iraq, they're still trying to differentiate between themselves and Democrats by saying things such as "I don't want a timetable".

In other words, the anti-war folks have been right all along but I'm going to attempt to spin my way out of admitting that because I'm telling everyone that I won't use that meaningless word "timetable" that we used to demonize them.

While I realize it's a good thing if more people are going to come around to allow additional pressure to be brought to bear on the administration, the baloney and rhetoric around the shift is enough to cause tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth.


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