Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some things never change

I have two kids. A 21 year old daughter and a 13 year old son. When my daughter was younger, and still living at home, it was always a bit of a battle to keep my seat at the computer. If I got up to answer the phone, she'd zip her happy butt right into the chair and start chatting with her friends. It was challenging to share the computer sometimes, but we managed.

About the time she moved away from home, my son discovered the online world where he can chat with his friends and watch Naruto whenever he wants. Again, I rise from the chair and zoooooom...he's in it. Am I surprised? No.

Now he spends more time eating and sleeping and skateboarding and hanging out with his friends, and for one brief and shining moment I thought I wasn't going to have to share the computer, and the chair would be mine, all mine!

She must have been watching the kids, because sometimes I'm not even all the way risen to my feet and she charges across the room and jumps up into my seat. See? Calitics? I was just sitting there. I KNOW she doesn't read Calitics.

Some things never change.

And yes, I know my desk is a mess and all my cords underneath are tangled into an electronic spiderweb.


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