Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stand Down San Diego July 14

As I mentioned the other day, Stand Down was held in San Diego this weekend in support of homeless veterans. Here are a few photos I took at Stand Down this afternoon.

I helped women sort through shoes to find something in their size that would meet their needs.

Mostly women anyway. There was one guy who's needs I couldn't meet. He offered me $2 to model a strappy high heeled sandal. I declined his polite invitation. He was a little too...enthusiastic. After I turned him down, he walked around oohing and ahhing the piles of women's shoes, and he asked a number of other women to try on his happy, strappy sandal. Hilarity ensued.

He finally managed to talk someone into putting on the shoe, but no money changed hands. He was inordinately and creepily pleased that he'd finally found his model.

There were a lot of happy people there other than our foot obsessed friend. I'll tell you what. One thing that will give you a great big reality check is to see how happy a person can be to get a used but decent pair of shoes to put on their tired, swollen, shoeless feet.



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