Friday, July 27, 2007

When is a terrorist not a terrorist?

The unfortunate answer to that is when they confine their attacks to women and reproductive health clinics.

Today a Texas man, Paul Ross Evans, pleaded guilty of the April attack on Austin women's health clinic that provides abortions. A worker noticed his makeshift bomb before it detonated, called the police and it was defused before anyone could be killed or hurt. If this had happened anywhere else, the media would be screaming, TERRORISTS IN AMERICA!!!

I Googled and found exactly ONE story that used the word terrorist. Google did helpfully ask, "Did you mean: clinic bomb austin tourism". No, I didn't. Thank you anyway.

What would the news be saying if it was at an airport, a tv station, or Disneyland? Terror! At a newspaper? At a school? On Wall Street? In Washington or New York? Help! Help!

Just in case I've not made my point, I'll just say it right out. Planting bombs and making credible threats intended to frighten, maim, and kill is a terrorist act, and it happens right here in America regularly.

Can we just start calling it what it is now?


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