Saturday, August 04, 2007

Adventures in public television

The San Diego for John Edwards women volunteered to take pledge phone calls at the local public broadcasting station this evening, and believe it or not, it was fun. (note: pretty soon we're going to have a little talk about how the majority of volunteer and political events I attend are run by women.)

I do try to live by the philosophy that at least some degree of fun can be found in most anything. We won't talk about all the trouble that philosophy can lead to, but usually it's a good thing.

The programs were live here, and will be used later elsewhere in pledge breaks in different cities. We did the pledge break for a kids show, but I suddenly can't remember the name. I'd never heard of it before. Then we did a Glen Campbell program about his variety show in the 60s.

Bonus: They fed us very good chicken cacciatore and a nice salad for dinner that was provided by an Italian deli in the neighborhood.

The phone calls were hysterical. Lots of pledges, but also lots of calls like the woman who was mad that we pre-empted Lawrence Welk (well that's a crummy deal! I'm 87 years old!) and the one who didn't want the current pledge gift but preferred the "tickets to see the guy with the violin". Incredibly, we managed to figure out what she wanted. Someone else called and said "ask the nice lady that's on the air where Huell Howser is from, because he sounds like he's from the South." It was a hoot.

He's from Tennessee. I asked the nice lady when we were off the air.

In other on/off the air news, during one of the breaks we were all chatting, but some one in another room accidentally turned on the audio to the live radio feed, and they heard the regular on-air talent say she wished she had beer in her fridge, and my friend replying that we should go out for shots of tequila afterwards. It made everyone feel a lot better when a still laughing man called, and pledged $100 because of it.

But, oops.

Much to my amazement, we're been invited to return. However I'm sure that I could have personally said something much worse than that.

BUT it wasn't all good news. I found out that Full Focus was cancelled. I hadn't heard that, but it's really unfortunate because that was one local media news program that would have local politicians, peace and social justice activists, and grassroots groups on to talk about their issues. Over the past year I've watched Gloria Penner host segements about Blackwater West, the electronic voting machines sleepovers in CA-50, ocean water quality at the border, and the WalMart Superstore issue. Not just 30 bites, but comprehensive and generally well balanced coverage of important local news stories.

Quel bummer.

Otherwise, it was all good.


Blogger nunya said...

Good for you sweetums!

Yeah, it is a bummer that Full Focus was canceled.

Metinks there is more to that story than just the bucks involved.

8/05/2007 10:08:00 PM  

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